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Philipp Baben der Erde was born 1981 in Rostock (GDR), living now in Berlin. He started his career as a photographer in 1999 in advertising, fashion and design. At the same time, he worked for the Moviestudios Babelsberg as cinematographer and specialized in stop motion and effects.

In 2005, he dabbled also in the contemporary art scene and had numerous exhibitions in Berlin and around the world (in Paris, London and New York for example).

During his apprenticeship at the prestigious DFFB (the German Film School), Philipp Baben der Erde collected a lot of experience. He worked as  cinematographer forndocumentaries, feature films and in advertising. Many films he shot as a cinematographer were introduced at the International Film Festival Cannes and the Berlinale.

In 2013 he won the „Deutscher Kamerapreis“ (German camera award) for the movie „Black Enchantment“. He was also nominated in 2017 for the documentary „Happy“. The „Deutscher Kamerapreis“ is currently the most prestigious award in the german-speaking industry and also one of the most noted media prices in Europe. 

In recent years he mainly worked on series for streaming platforms including SKY, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount+ that were both fictional and non-fictional.


2013 won
„Deutscher Kamerapreis“ 

2017 nominated
„Deutscher Kamerapreis“ 

2016 won
„Grimme Preis“ der Marler Gruppe

2020 won

Kamerapreis „Achtung Berlin“

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